I’m so fucking done with this stupid academy awards fucking shit. Jennifer Lawrence, you’re amazing. All of the nominees in that category were amazing, other than the one who actually fucking won. I knew this was coming, but it’s fucking bullshit as fucking hell on a dirty fucking bitch. I’m so fucking pissed off. Screw you academy.

Sincerly, NOT a Lupita Ny’One-NoteGo fan.




iconic movie history

  • lady gaga: ***breathes***
  • lil monster: This means something on a much deeper and intellectual level than most people want to give Lady Gaga credit for. The inhale of oxygen represents her bringing new life, a new sound, a new generation of oxygen particles represents Lady Gaga opening the door to new experiences and creative energy. The inhale is a performance art and a parody of a societal inability to open new passages of creativity. But then....the exhale. Gaga releasing of carbon dioxide is a commentary on all the waste of creative juices within the realm of society and the aspect of media culture not giving artists the inability to shed a new skin and transcend new heights. Art pop.